Students: Resolving Problems with the Library

Problem with Services

We always try to provide the best service we can, but if you have a concern about our services, we really want to know about it. We also like to hear if we’ve done a good job.

Drake’s student complaint process begins with an “an informal process beginning with talking to the individual and his/her supervisor if necessary.”

Please use the form below to let us know about your experience. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue or do better in the future.

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Officially Documented Complaints

Drake’s student complaint procedures begin with an informal process. Additional steps are available to students if the informal process fails to resolve the issue and are detailed on the Drake web site. Complaints are then referred to as “Officially Documented.”

Once a complaint has become Officially Documented, the following policy will apply as appropriate for Cowles Library:

  • Grading and Academic Integrity Appeals
    These guidelines only apply to courses with the LIBR designation. Students enrolled in an LIBR course who have questions about a dispute in either grading or academic integrity should seek informal redress first, and then, if that doesn’t solve the dispute, they should make themselves aware of the procedures outlined in the above document.

Formal Student Grievances that do not fit into either category listed above may be filed with the Dean’s office in the event that students have a conflict, or other concern with faculty or staff members.

Before filing a Formal Student Grievance, the student should first take steps to resolve the issue informally, either through contact with the appropriate faculty or staff member, or through the employee’s unit manager. If a satisfactory solution is not achieved, the student may then file a Formal Student Grievance using the methods outlined on the Drake website previously referenced.

To establish official documentation, the complaint or appeal must be submitted in writing and must include the name, college, contact information of the person filing the complaint, and a brief description of the circumstances including who has been involved and current status. Once prepared, the document may then be turned in to the Dean’s Office in Cowles Library. The document will be reviewed and addressed by the Deans Office, and the student will be contacted to resolve the issue.