Overdues and Replacement Costs

updated 8-24-16

Overdue Items

All notices are sent via email to your official Drake University email account. If you are a Special User, notices are sent to the email address on your Library account.

  • We’ll email a courtesy notice two days before your Cowles Library items are due.
  • We’ll email an Items Due notice on the due date.
  • We’ll send an overdue notice three days after the due date.
  • We’ll send a second notice 17 days after the due date.
  • We’ll send a third notice 39 days after the due date, at which point you must renew or return these items to avoid being charged.

At 77 days overdue, the Library considers the items lost. At that time, you will receive a Lost Notice and an email with a list of items to return and replacement costs per item owed. In addition, we will place a block on your University Banner account. You must return the items to avoid being charged and to have the block removed.

Keep in mind that you can check your due dates at any time by logging in to your library account.

Lost or Damaged Items

If you lose something you’ve checked out or damaged it beyond repair, please notify circulation@drake.edu immediately. You will be charged the replacement cost of the item. Replacement charges apply to all Library patrons regardless of University status.

Finding Out How Much You Owe

You can find an estimate of how much you owe by logging into your library account. More information about your library account is available on the Using Your Online Library Account page. You can also call us at 515-271-2111.

Paying Bills

Users who have replacement fees have the following payment options:

  • Pay with a check at the Payments Desk – You can pay at the Information Desk (top of the stairs, turn left) during Cowles Library open hours. The Library is currently unable to process credit or debit cards. If you are off campus and want to mail a check, the address is:

    Payments Desk
    Cowles Library
    Drake University
    2725 University Avenue
    Des Moines, IA 50311

    Make checks payable to Drake University.

  • Pay with a debit or credit card at Student Accounts
    1. Call Cowles Library at 515-271-2130.
    2. Library staff will look up your account and contact Student Accounts with the amount you owe.
    3. After approximately 15 minutes, contact Student Accounts (515-271-2151) with your credit or debit card information.
    4. Student Accounts will notify Cowles Library when the payment has cleared. Library staff will then remove the charges from your Library account and any Library blocks from your Banner account.

Blocked Library Accounts

The Library blocks borrowers from borrowing new materials or renewing current checkouts when they reach the following limits:

 Maximum # of ItemsMaximum # of Overdue ItemsMaximum # of Overdue Recalls
Faculty & Staff5005002
Graduate Students1001002
Special Users25251

Revocation of Borrowing Privileges

The Library may revoke University patron borrowing privileges due to non-payment of bills or lost book charges. The Library will reinstate borrowing privileges only after verifying payment of all outstanding Library charges through the University Accounts Receivable Office.

The Dean of the Library may also revoke borrowing privileges in extreme cases of abuse.