Request a Recall

Placing a Hold in the Catalog

You may now place a Hold on checked out items through the online catalog.  You need to be signed into your account first with your Drake Username and password.

  • If an item is checked out, click on the tab “location and status” below it.
  • After you click this link, then click on the blue “request” tab at the top of the box.
  • At this point you will need to enter a date needed by in the box or click on the little calendar to select your needed by date.  You can also add a comment if desired.
  • Click on the green “request” tab at the bottom. We’ll notify the person who currently has the item checked out that it needs to be returned.

You can also place a hold by visiting the Information Desk or by contacting us at or 515-271-2111.

Hold/Recall Policies

  • All books can be used for at least four weeks before being subject to a recall. The only exceptions are items needed for a course reserve, which are subject to immediate recall. If you receive a recall notice before you have had an item for four weeks, contact the Information Desk and we will adjust your due date accordingly if the item is not needed for a course reserve.
  • When an item is recalled, the recall due date overrides the original due date.
  • All Drake-affiliated users will be blocked from further check outs if they have two or more overdue recalled items.
  • Special users will be blocked if they have one overdue recalled item.

Failure to read your email is not a valid excuse for the delayed return of recalled items.

Faculty & staff who expect to be absent for extended periods of time (sabbaticals, FMLA, break periods, vacations, etc.) should make arrangements to ensure that library materials can be located and returned to Cowles Library during their absence.

If you receive a recall notice for an item you have checked out, please return the item to the library promptly.

Picking up your hold

When the recalled item has been returned, you will be notified by email that the item is now available for pickup. We will hold the item at the Main Circulation Desk for 7 days.

If you do not pick up your held item within the 7-day hold period:

  1. the hold will be removed from your account;
  2. the item will be returned to the shelf or offered to the next patron waiting for the item.

If you receive a Hold Pickup email and you no longer need/want the item, please contact us at or 515-271-2130 so that we may make the item available to others as soon as possible.

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