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Library Liaison Information

Drake teaching faculty and Cowles Library faculty share responsibility for the development of the Library’s collection. Each College or School (and in the case of Arts & Sciences, each Department) designates Department Liaisons to serve as Library contacts.

The faculty Liaison Program is the main vehicle of communication, collaboration, and cooperation between Library and discipline-based faculty. The Library typically hosts a meeting of the Librarian Liaisons and the Departmental Liaisons once each fall and spring semester.

Find out more about the Library Liaison Program in our Collection Development Policy.

The table below lists the Librarian Liaison and Discipline-based Liaison for each College, School, or Department.

Department Librarian Liaison Discipline-Based Liaison
Art and Design Bart Schmidt Lenore Metrick-Chen
Biology Dan Chibnall Jerry Honts
Business and Public Administration Bruce Gilbert / Cameron Tuai Lori Solsma
Chemistry Dan Chibnall Colin Cairns
Data Analytics Cameron Tuai TBD
Education Sam Becker Dede Small
English Andrew Welch Jeanette Tran
Environmental Science and Policy Dan Chibnall Peter Levi
History Rod Henshaw (U.S.) / Bart Schmidt Curt Cardwell
Interdiscipinary Carrie Dunham-LaGree / Sam Becker N/A
Journalism Carrie Dunham-LaGree Matthew Thornton
Law, Politics & Society Sam Becker Renee Cramer
Mathematics Dan Chibnall Deborah Kent
Music Laura Krossner Eric Saylor
Pharmacy (Graduate) Priya Shenoy Michael Andreski
Pharmacy (Undergraduate) Dan Chibnall Michael Andreski
Physics Dan Chibnall Athan Petridis
Politics and International Relations Hope Grebner Eleanor Zeff
Psychology Teri Koch William Klipec
Philosophy & Religion Mark Stumme Martin Roth
Study of Culture and Society Sam Becker Ramesh Dhussa
Theatre Arts Rod Henshaw John Graham
World Languages & Cultures Carrie Dunham-LaGree Chinatsu Bachmann