Sign Posting Policy

Picture of one of the library bulletin boards

All signs must comply with the Drake University policy concerning community, diversity, freedom of expression and harassment. Individual cases deemed inappropriate, maybe handled by the department and/or college and maybe further directed to the Student Life Office and/or the Dean of Students. 

NOTE: Additional University posting information is available here. Postings that do not align with the Student Handbook will be removed, as deemed by each department/building.

Cowles Library Designated Posting Areas

  • Three bulletin boards in the library are available for posting
    • one on the first floor for cultural events
    • two on the ground floor for classified ad types of items, and organization/service announcements
  • Boards do not require prior approval to use.
  • Items should not be larger than 11 x 17, or cover other items.
  • Items posted on the wrong board or on all three boards will be removed.
  • Postings should include the individual or organization and/or contact person on signs as well as the date and time of the event.
  • Posted items that fit the university guidelines will remain on boards for three weeks or the date of the event, whichever comes first.
  • Items are NOT permitted to be posted in any other location (this includes but is not limited to the tables, walls, doors, water fountains and floors inside of the building; or outside of the building on the windows, or on the entry porch or stairs) unless officially approved by the Dean of Cowles Library.
  • Cowles Library reserves the right to remove any items found offensive by patrons.

If your organization would like to submit a display for the freestanding displays on the first floor or for the posters/wall hangings in the main door lobby, please see the Cowles Library Exhibits Policy. 

Note: Individuals and campus organizations have and assume full responsibility and liability for the signs which they post, and should realize that legal actions against persons or members of groups who participate in offensive action (defacement of posting etc.), intentional harm or emotional distress, or such other causes recognized and allowed by law may be possible.