Library FYS Sessions


Essential Elements / Activities

Updated Fall 2011

The lists below are generally descriptive of how a session might run (depending on needs of the class).

Basic concepts all sessions should cover:

Basic skills that should be demonstrated and worked into an active learning exercise, if possible:

  • How to use SuperSearch.
  • How to use an individual database (OR SuperSearch, as appropriate for the course) and why a particular database is appropriate.
  • Tips for developing search strategies.
  • At least one comparative or evaluative example of library tools (e.g., Google Scholar vs. SuperSearch.)
  • At least one comparative or evaluative example of sources (e.g. peer-reviewed journal vs. popular magazine.)

Additional topics that may be appropriate as time and needs of the session allow:

  • Physical location of library resources, such as government documents, printing, photocopiers, microform, compact shelving, Information Desk, Information Commons, and quiet study spaces.
  • RefWorks demonstration and sign-up
  • eScholarShare and the Drake Heritage Collections