Common Outcomes for LIBR 046 Sections

NOTE: The following list describes a “base-level” set of outcomes. Instructors are free to extend this list with additional outcomes if they so choose.

  1. Students acquire the searching and citing skills that are necessary to complete any research project they might encounter at Drake or in the future, as well as understanding the variety of research methods needed for different academic disciplines.
  2. Students engage in both autonomous and collaborative use of information within a learning environment that utilizes advanced technologies.
  3. Students attain the underlying skills and flexible perspective necessary to be a lifelong learner, and reflect critically on the research process.
  4. Students master the basic concepts of copyright and fair use, including the importance of, and strategies for avoiding, plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  5. Students reflect on knowledge-based trends that will affect their ability to be lifelong learners, including the Open Access Initiative and Open Source Software.