Faculty Proxy – Authorize Someone Else to Check Out Materials for You

Drake faculty members may authorize one or more other people to check out library materials for them on the faculty member’s account. This authorization is usually extended to staff or students who are assisting the faculty member in his/her research and is good at both the Law Library and Cowles Library.

Library materials are checked out on the faculty member’s card and receive faculty loan periods. The faculty member specifies the length of the authorization, typically ongoing for staff or the end of the academic year for students.

The faculty member is responsible for all library materials checked out to his or her account, including those materials that his or her proxy checks out.

A faculty member wishing to authorize someone else to check out materials in his/her name should submit the Faculty Proxy Request Form. Only Drake email addresses will be acceptable as the faculty member’s email. Requests received that include a non-Drake email address will prompt a phone call from Cowles Library to confirm the request is accurate. A confirmation email will be sent when the proxy is established.

A current faculty request must be on file at the time of checkout. When checking out, the authorized proxy must tell the person working at the Information Desk that he/she is checking out materials as a proxy for the faculty member.

Please email Leslie Noble at leslie.noble@drake.edu for additional proxy questions.

Drake Faculty Proxy Request Form

Drake Faculty Only

Complete this form to authorize someone else at Drake (a current student or staff member) to check out materials for you.

All fields are required.

Enter the full name (first and last) of the person you are authorizing to check materials out in your name. Multiple names can be submitted on the same form (separated with a semi-colon), however, all names on the same form will have the same expiration date.
A full name must be entered. Just saying “department work study student” is not enough information for the checkout to be valid.
This proxy will expire at the end of the time period you choose here. A new proxy authorization must be completed at the end of this time period if you wish to extend the authorization for the people listed on this request.