Request an “On Demand” book

Example of an On Demand search result.

Example of an On Demand search result.

As you search for research materials, you may encounter results that say “This book is available On Demand.” On Demand titles are books that the Library does not own, but that we are willing to purchase and add to the Library collection.

They are academic titles that support the Drake curriculum, particularly in the areas of Business & Public Administration, Journalism & Mass Communication, Pharmacy and Education.

Steps to request an On Demand book

  1. Click the “Request this Book” link.
  2. Complete the online form. A message on the right side of the screen will indicate if the book is available for rush delivery (you will still need to select “I need this book immediately” on the form).
    • If you would like the book held for you to pick up when it arrives, indicate that in the Comments field.
  3. A confirmation message will appear on the screen, and the request is sent to the Cowles Library Acquisitions department.
  4. You will receive an email when the book has been shipped, and another email when the book has been added to the Library collection.

What determines which titles are offered On Demand?

Cowles Librarians, in collaboration with Drake University teaching faculty, developed a set of criteria for titles that are relevant to the Drake curriculum, but that we may not want to automatically purchase. Instead, we leave the decision up to the person doing the research. By shifting to a demand-driven purchase, we ensure that these titles will be used.

Example of a "Rush Available" message.

Example of a “Rush Available” message.

How soon can I get an On Demand book?

The regular delivery time is around 2 weeks. However, the Library will consider expedited delivery if you need it and if it is available. Not all titles are available for rush delivery; the request form will indicate this (see image, right). Rush delivery time is 2-3 days.

Who can request On Demand books?

Any current Drake student, faculty or staff can order On Demand titles.

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