Find Full-Text Articles?

The screenshots on this page refer to the old SuperSearch platform. Please bear with us as we generate updated screenshots. Thanks!

There are a few ways to find full-text journal and magazine articles. Which method is best depends upon how much information you already have.

I have the article title or citation

    1. Type or copy/paste the article title into SuperSearch.

      Type article title into SuperSearch - click to view full-size image.

      Type article title into SuperSearch.

    1. In the results list, look for your article and a ‘Full Text’ link.

      SuperSearch PDF Full Text link - click to view larger image.

      Look for “HTML Full Text” or “PDF Full Text”.

  1. If your article isn’t found in SuperSearch, refer to the “I have the journal title” section below. If your article is found, but displays a “Check for Full Text @ Drake” link, see the sidebar on the right.

I have the journal title

    1. Type or copy/paste the journal title into our Find Journals page. You can type part of the title, but do not use abbreviations (e.g., use “Journal of Biological Chemistry” instead of “J Biol Chem”).

      Search for a journal title on our Find Journals page - click to view larger image.

      Type the journal title into the Find Journals search box.

    1. If we have full text access, one or more results will appear for that title indicating which print or online collection contains the journal and which dates are included in full text access. If the online collection lists an embargo period, issues published during that period are not available in full text. For example, an embargo of 12 months means that issues published in the last year are unavailable for full text access.

      Find Journals result - click to view full-size image.

      Find Journals search result.

  1. When you click on one of the full text collections, you will be taken to that collection, where you can browse and/or search for articles from that journal. Clicking on “Cowles Library Print Holdings” will take you to the Cowles Library online catalog, which will display information about which issues are available in the Library.

    Example journal title from Academic Search Complete - click to view full-size image.

    Example of journal title from Academic Search Complete.

I have a topic, but not a specific journal title or article

  • Search for your topic keywords in SuperSearch, which retrieves results from dozens of the full-text databases the Library subscribes to. Use the “Full Text Online” limiter in the left column, and combine it with either the “Peer-reviewed Journals” limiter for scholarly articles, or the “Articles” limiter for all journal and magazine articles.
  • Consult a Research Guide in your topic area. Research Guides contain hand-picked journals, databases, web sites and other information—many of which are not found in SuperSearch—that are specific to a particular subject area.
  • Of course, you can always ask a librarian which sources might be best for obtaining full-text articles on your topic. We’re here to help!

What is “Check for Full Text @ Drake”?

When using SuperSearch or Library-subscribed databases, you will often encounter “Check for Full Text @ Drake” links.

What do these do? These links appear on article listings when SuperSearch or a database isn’t sure whether the library has full-text access to that article.

When you click on a Check for Full Text @ Drake link, information from the article you are viewing is compared with a database that contains all of the journal titles to which the Library has full-text access.

  • If a match is found in one of our online journals or databases, you will be connected directly to the full-text.
  • If a match is found and we only have the print journal available, you will be connected to the journal record in SuperSearch, which will display where in the library the journal can be found and what date coverage we have.
  • If a match isn’t found, you will be offered a link to a document delivery service like Interlibrary Loan.