Access Databases & Other Resources from Off Campus

Many resources available through this website are restricted by contract to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff when they are accessed from off-campus.

When accessing Article Databases, Interlibrary Loan, SuperSearch and other resources from off campus, you will usually be prompted for “Database Login” information, which looks like this.


If you are not prompted to log in, and instead the browser just waits and waits, eventually displaying a “Page not found” or “Cannot find server or DNS” error page, the cause is usually the remote network’s firewall settings. If you are accessing Library resources from somewhere other than your home network (e.g., a clinic, school, or other business), contact their IT department and see if they have firewall settings that prevent you from reaching If so, ask if they’ll create an exception.

If you are able to log in but then have trouble reaching a particular resource, please let us know. You can use any of the contact methods listed under Ask a Librarian.

If you are unable to log in (show me):

  1. Contact the Drake Support Center. Let them know you can’t access any library resources and ask them to check on your “Active Directory” account status. They’ll let you know if you have a working Active Directory account. If you do not, it means you do not meet the eligibility requirements for off-campus access (e.g., not currently enrolled or not currently employed.) If you feel that status is in error, please Ask a Librarian for additional assistance.
  2. If the Support Center reports that your “Active Directory” account is okay, try resetting your Drake password using the Drake Password Gateway.

If neither of those troubleshooting steps work and you still are unable to log in, please contact us using any of the contact methods listed under Ask a Librarian and ask for technical support.