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Academic Writer (APA)

Academic Writer (formerly APA Style CENTRAL) focuses on the application and proper use of APA Style, the leading writing style for the behavioral sciences and many other disciplines. The Learning Center equips students and instructors with a digital media library packed with hundreds of learning objects (including instructional videos, self-quizzes, samples, and more) created by APA Style experts for optimal comprehension and assessment. The Research Center provides undergraduate and graduate students a means of learning about the research process, and for generating and actively planning their own research projects. The Writing Center provides a structured and collaborative writing environment that features authoritative guidance for all types of scholarly writing in APA Style. The Publishing Center enables users to browse or search information on peer-reviewed journals from more than 260 different publishers in order to find the best outlet for the publication of their work, or to simply better understand the scholarly journal landscape.

Instructors can embed Academic Writer content, such as tutorials and quizzes, into their Blackboard courses.

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