Buoy Trial

Buoy Chairs At Cowles?

The Buoy Chair comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.

What is it?

A chair that lets you move and keep active while sitting (like a balance ball but much more stable.) It lets you easily shift position, is reported to be more comfortable when sitting for long periods, is light enough to easily move around and is height adjustable.


Comfort is important when you are studying or working on a computer for long periods.


We’re considering using it (along with regular chairs) in the computer lab and possibly in some other study spaces.

Colors & Fabrics?

This is just a demo model to see if you like it. Many, many colors and fabrics are available.

Can I find out more?

Sure. Here’s the Manufacturer’s Brochure

How do I tell you what I think?

Stop in at the Library near the Reference desk, give the demo Buoy chair a sit, and fill out the paper feedback form.

We look forward to hearing your opinion!

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