Cowles Library Web Site: Mission, Purpose & Policies

Approved, in Principle, by the Cowles Library Faculty: November 2011
Approved by the Cowles Library Faculty: Version 1.6, 1.12.2012

Mission. The mission of the Cowles Library Web site (“the Site”), in accordance with the overall mission of the Library and that of Drake University, is to enhance the learning environment of the University by serving as a gateway to and catalyst for scholarly communication. Thus, the Site supports the educational programs and the curriculum of the University through gathering, organizing, and evaluating Internet-based resources. In addition, the Site seeks to support library users as they learn how to interpret, analyze and cite information sources. Finally, it is recognized that much of the Site is open to non-University users for educational, instructional, and research purposes; as such, it is an extension of the Library’s commitment to openness and support of research for all users.

Principles. In pursuit of its mission, and consistent with Drake’s Academic Charter and Faculty Handbook, the Site is an extension of the curricular offerings of Cowles Library. As such, the general principles of academic freedom, as well as the multi-disciplinary commitment to provide access to a wide variety of viewpoints should be paramount.

Purpose. The Cowles Library Web site is designed to distribute, publicize, and promote the Library’s electronic and physical collections, resources and services to University students, faculty, staff, and alumni. While the primary audience is the University community, much of the Site is open to non-University Internet users. Since a core value of libraries is the open sharing of information, an ancillary purpose of the Site is to support academic and research communities at large.