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Special Event Policy & Procedures

Approved by Library Management Council June 2004

Updated August 2009, April 2011, August 2012, May 2014

Cowles Library’s main special event area consists of the Reading Room and the adjoining atrium area. Other potential event space includes the Glassed-in Room (Room 201) and the Collier Heritage Room. These areas are primarily used as a study space or a classroom for the university community. No space may nbe reserved for events during final examinations periods and/or study days.

The Library space is to provide an exceptional learning environment for the Drake campus and community. Generally, facilities will not to be reserved for personal use. Specifically NO Events sponsored by organizations practicing discrimination based on race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or condition of physical ability are allowed.

Policy and Procedures for Use by Campus Organizations/Departments

Online room request available at

Events are typically not accepted or scheduled the last 3 weeks of each semester.

  • Room Availability needs to done with the Library Event Coordinator (271-1936 or Room must be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance to allow time to make appropriate room arrangements.
    • The Reading Room
    • The Glassed-in Room (Room 201)
    • The Collier Heritage Room
  • Room Rental Cost is zero for campus organizations / departments.
  • Room setup decisions need to be made at time of reservation.
    • The Reading Room without tables in it has occupancy of 250 otherwise the occupancy is 190. Room is available approximately between 8am and 10pm depending the day of the week. The room has 12 study tables (4 round, 4 square and 4 rectangle) that each seat 4 chairs. The Atrium has the large table that may also be moved into the Reading Room.
    • Room 201 (glass-in room) has 21 rectangle tables that have 2 chairs each and 2 large tables that can seat up to 10.
    • The Collier Heritage Room may be used for a small gathering of up to 12 people. Tables may be brought in to create one large table that seats 12.

    Other specifics: The library also has an extra 80 chairs that may be used for events. If the event requires more or different furniture, they will need to be rented at the expense of the event’s organizers. Note- there is one coat rack in the building. Delivery and set up of the additional furniture need to be coordinated with the Library Event Coordinator. Decorations or attachments to the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. require prior approval from the Library Event Coordinator and the Library Dean.

  • Audio-visual requirements need to be made at the time of reservation.
    • The reading room does not have ANY audio or visual equipment.
    • Room 201 has built in projector, screen and sound support for laptops and composite devices. The library does not provide laptops or video devices. Supported laptop connections are HDMI, DVI, and VGA. The library allows Drake users to check out composite, HDMI, DVI, and VGA cables and Mac mini display port adapters, but does not guarantee that we can provide adapters for all machines.
    • Only wireless network access is available.
    • Groups may bring their own equipment or request it from OIT or call 271-3001.
    • Delivery and set up of the equipment need to be coordinated with the Library Event Coordinator.
    • The Library Staff does NOT provide technical support for equipment.
  • Catering needs require using the University’s vendor Sodexo ( or 271-3518). Delivery and set up of the food/equipment need to be coordinated with the Library Event Coordinator. Because of the academic nature of the facility, serving alcoholic drinks is not encouraged. At the time of making the room reservation, a separate written request to allow alcohol must be submitted to the Library Dean for approval.
  • Custodial needs will be reviewed at the time of the reservation. Room setup and catering needs are taken into consideration to determine the need for extra cleaning pre-event and post-event. Library Event Coordinator will contact custodial services. Any event related extra cleaning expense will be charged to the event’s organizers.
  • Book Signings require using the University’s vendor, University Book Store (274-3401 – Katie Wilz, Manager). Delivery and set up of the books need to be coordinated with the Library Event Coordinator
  • Photographer is not provided and will need to be arranged by the event’s organizers. The Library reserves the right to take a couple of photos of the event for their own archives.
  • Entertainment has to be approved by the Library Event Coordinator and the Library Dean prior to the event to determine if it is appropriate for the facility.
  • Campus Security needs to be notified of the event’s date and time a week prior to the event. (, 271-2222)
  • Event promotion / advertisement is the responsibility of the event’s organizers. The Library Event Coordinator will put appropriate directional signs up the day of the event. If the event is open to the general public, the Library Event Coordinator will add it to the Library’s webpage.
  • Entrance to the building for all events is the front of the building (North Side). The exception is for handicap accessibility.
  • Parking passes for the Olmsted Lot (approximately a block west of the library) can be purchased by the event’s organizers in advanced from the Olmsted Parking Lot Supervisor (271-4046). Street parking is also available. The day of the week, time of day and part of the year makes a difference on how much street parking is accessible.

** The Cowles Library Dean holds the right of refusal for any event. **