Exhibit Policy

Picture of a Drake Relays exhibit in the Collier Room.


Cowles Library will enhance the educational mission of Drake University by offering use of its public areas to present exhibits on scholarly, historical, social, and cultural concerns of the University and its environs.


Exhibits will strive to educate, enlighten and enrich the Drake University community, as well as increase awareness of Cowles Library.

Governing Body

The Cowles Library Marketing Committee oversees exhibits and makes decisions regarding promotion and publicity thereof. An appointed member of the committee handles exhibit requests and scheduling. The committee reserves the right to question the appropriateness of any display and may request changes be made in the interest of aesthetics and/or content.


  • Exhibits may include 2 or 3-dimensional displays that announce, support, celebrate campus events, courses, recognized University organizations, and Drake/Des Moines community collaborative events.
  • Exhibits may not to be used to promote commercial or personal concerns. Topics subject to controversy will be presented to the Marketing Committee for approval, and handled in an objective manner, consistent with the overall scholarly and cultural concerns of Drake University
  • Public areas are available free for presenting exhibits and may include the Library’s locked display cases or lobby.
  • Exhibits are scheduled on a first-come/first-serve basis and may run a maximum of 6 weeks, unless otherwise authorized by the Committee.


  • Exhibitors are responsible for putting up and dismantling their exhibits, and for providing any supplies or tools required.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the accuracy of their exhibit.
  • Cowles Library takes no responsibility for the security of exhibited items and may require a signed Security Waiver.

Cowles Library reserves the right to refuse to host an exhibit for any reason. *For Marketing Committee information, please call 271-3994.