After Hours Study at Cowles Library

We’re pleased to offer Drake students a high-quality study space outside of regular library hours. In the interest of safety, access to the area is controlled through the campus access card system. Use your Drake Card to access the After-Hours study area. Entry and exit from the After-Hours area is located on the south (University Avenue) side of the Library.

When is After Hours Study available?

After Hours Study is open after the Library closes, effectively making Cowles Library a 24×7 study space. Hours vary during summer, holidays, semester breaks, at the end of a semester, and for special events.

We post any changes to the After Hours Study schedule on our web site and to our Facebook page.

Who can use After-Hours Study?

Students, faculty and staff who wish to have After-Hours study access must

  • be CURRENTLY enrolled/employed, and
  • have an active Drake Card.

Only Drake students, faculty and staff can use the area during After-Hours study. Persons who do not have an access card will not be allowed to remain in the After-Hours study area when the Library closes.

These restrictions are in place to promote a safe environment.

What if my Drake Card isn’t working?

Issues with your Drake Card are handled by Student Services or Public Safety, depending on the time of day.

Will the cafe be open during After-Hours Study?

No. The cafe will not be open during After-Hours Study, but there are a number of vending machines.

Is printing available?

Yes. The printer/copier is named cowl-lowercommons. The printer can be accessed through web print.  This printer/copier will do both color and grayscale (b&w) printing.  Only web printing is available during After Hours Study.

What about security?

The After-Hours Study is monitored by closed-circuit television. There is a security phone (just pick up and talk to security) at the entry and a card access system controls who is allowed in the area.

Responsibility for monitoring the area and controlling access lies with Campus Security and the Dean of Students.  When in After-Hours Study mode, the space is not managed by the Library.

Can the area be reserved for special events or meetings?

No. The Lower Commons and After-Hours Study spaces are intended for study and normal library operations and are available to users on a first-come, first-served basis.

On rare occasions, the Library may use the Historic Entry as an entrance or support space for events in the Reading Room and Atrium but the space is not available for general booking.

After Hours Study requires an access card.